What do each of the Lamisil® products offer?

  • Lamisil Once®

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    Lamisil Once® is a unique anti-fungal product that requires just one application to treat athlete's foot (tinea pedis interdigitalis). It is convenient and has the shortest treatment time of any tinea treatment product available.

    Lamisil Once® is easy to use – after spreading the formula on the skin, an invisible film forms. The film allows the active ingredient to continuously fight the fungal infection over an extended period of days, without needing to apply additional product.

    All other anti-fungal treatments require a longer treatment time, ranging from 7 days to 28 days, and many also require three applications per day to effectively eliminate athlete's foot (tinea between the toes). Lamisil Once®, however, needs to be applied just once.

    Why should I choose Lamisil Once®?

    • Shortest treatment time for athlete's foot (tinea between the toes) – one single application
    • Nothing's faster*
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    Lamisil Once®
  • Formula and use

    Formula and use

    How it works

    An anti-fungal product is necessary to treat tinea. The active ingredient in Lamisil Once® - terbinafine – fights the infection by not only preventing growth of the fungi, but by killing the fungal cells.

    Lamisil Once® has a gentle formula that is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin caused by fungal infection. It can be applied directly to the infected areas.


    What Lamisil Once® is used for

    Lamisil Once® is used to treat athlete's foot (tinea between the toes).

    Formula and use
  • How to use Lamisil Once®

    How to use Lamisil Once®

    Lamisil Once® is applied ONCE ONLY

    Each tube is designed for a single application, and contains enough medication to treat both feet. To get the best results, feet should not be washed or allowed to get wet for 24 hours after the application of the treatment.



    It is recommended to apply Lamisil Once® after a shower or bath, and then wait 24 hours before washing your feet again. For best results, follow the instructions carefully.

    If there is no improvement in your condition after using Lamisil Once® for the recommended time, see your doctor or pharmacist.

    How to use Lamisil Once®
    1. Wash both feet and hands and dry thoroughly.
    2. Remove the cap from the tube and apply Lamisil Once® to both feet, even in areas where your skin looks healthy. Most people with athlete's foot have infection on both feet, even when symptoms, such as itching and scaling, are present on only one foot. Treating both feet at the same time may help prevent re-infection.
    3. Use roughly half the contents of the tube for each foot, as needed to cover the skin. Finish one foot before treating the other.
    4. Apply to each foot with the fingers. Firstly apply Lamisil Once® between, under and all over the toes. Then apply over the sole and sides of your foot. It is important to treat your whole foot as not all infected areas show symptoms.

    1. Spread Lamisil Once® quickly and evenly. Do not massage into the skin. Do not apply a second application to the skin.
    2. Treat the other foot in the same way.
    3. Leave the product to dry for 1-2 minutes. Lamisil Once® will quickly dry to become a colourless film.
    4. Replace the cap on the tube and discard any remaining product. Do not keep the product or give the remaining product to other people.
    5. Wash your hands thoroughly after the application.
    6. You may wear socks and shoes once the film has dried.
    How to use Lamisil Once®
  • The film left on your skin after applying the product, even if it is barely visible, will continue to work killing the fungi for several days after the single dose application. Your skin condition should start to improve within a few days. Although Lamisil Once® will begin to kill the fungi after being applied, it may take up to 4 weeks for your skin to heal completely.

    See your doctor or pharmacist if there is no improvement in your condition 1 week after applying Lamisil Once®.

    To help with treatment

    • Keep the affected area clean by washing it regularly after the first 24 hours. Dry the skin thoroughly, but be careful not to rub the skin.
    • Try not to scratch the area although it may be itchy. Scratching could cause further damage, slow the healing process and may spread the infection.
    • Keep your own towel and clothes separate and do not share them with others, as the infection can be easily passed on to other people. Wash clothing, socks, bedding and towels frequently to protect yourself from re-infection.

    How to use Lamisil Once®
  • FAQs


    How often should I apply Lamisil Once®?

    As the name suggests, Lamisil Once® is applied just once. One application only is necessary for the treatment of athlete's foot.

    How is it possible for Lamisil Once® to treat my athlete's foot after only one application?

    Even though you apply it just one time, the active ingredient in Lamisil Once®, terbinafine, remains in the skin for up to 13 days. During this time, it continues to kill the fungi causing your infection to treat your athelete's foot.


    After using Lamisil Once®, how long should I wait before showering?

    For maximum effectiveness, you should wait 24 hours before taking a shower or bath. Avoid any activities during this time that may cause your feet to get wet
    eg. swimming or water sports.

    How is Lamisil Once® different from other Lamisil® products?

    Other Lamisil® products require a daily application for 7 days for the treatment of athlete's foot. In addition, some Lamisil® products can also be used to treat other fungal conditions such as ringworm and jock itch.
    In contrast, Lamisil Once® is applied on just one occasion and it is only recommended for the treatment of athlete's foot (tinea between the toes).

  • FAQs

    I only have symptoms on one foot, so why should I treat both feet?

    In the majority of athlete's foot cases both feet are infected – even if you don't have symptoms on both. To make sure your athlete's foot is treated effectively and to prevent re-infection, use Lamisil Once® on both feet as directed.

    Only the area between my toes is infected. Why do I also need to apply Lamisil Once® over the soles and sides of my feet?

    Even without the symptoms, it is possible that the fungal infection has spread to other parts of your feet. To ensure that the infection is completely treated and to prevent re-infection, apply Lamisil Once® as directed.

    Where can I apply Lamisil Once®?

    Lamisil Once® should only be applied to skin on the outside of the body. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands after application to avoid infecting other parts of your body. Avoid applying Lamisil Once® near your eyes or touching your eyes whilst you still have the product on your hands. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with running water and if any eye symptoms persist, see your doctor.

    What else can I do during treatment for tinea?

    Wash your feet and body daily and dry them well afterwards. You should also change your towel, washcloth, underwear and socks every day during treatment. And finally, resist scratching the infected area. This can allow the fungus to contaminate your surroundings, which could result in re-infection.

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