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Jock itch treatment

Most jock itch infections can be eliminated with one week of treatment with Lamisil Cream, DermGel or Spray

What you should know about jock itch:

  • Jock itch can result after a fungal foot infection as the same fungi are responsible for both athlete´s foot and jock itch.
  • Men are more likely to be affected by jock itch than women, however women can be infected by it too.
  • Typical symptoms of jock itch include itching and raised, scaly patches of skin.
  • Jock itch is transmitted through direct contact with infected skin (person to person) or through contaminated surfaces (such as towels, sheets or underwear)
Symptoms of groin fungus

Symptoms of jock itch

The symptoms of jock itch can be uncomfortable and painful, especially if left untreated and occurring over a long period of time.

You might have jock itch if you experience:

Itching or burning in the groin, thigh, buttocks and anal area
Red rash and raised, scaly patches of skin
Blisters or lesions that may ooze
Unusually dark or light skin on the infected areas
Thick, dry, flaky skin in the groin area
An unpleasant odour

In which parts of the body does jock itch occur?

Groin area

May cause a red, scaly rash with blisters that may burst and ooze.


Itching and burning may occur on the buttocks and anal area.

Products for treatment of jock itch

Background - Treatment jock itch

Jock itch treatment should not be stopped prematurely

Even if symptoms subside or disappear, this does not mean that the jock itch infection has been defeated. If treatment is stopped prematurely, jock itch may come back. Therefore, continue the treatment according to the directions for use for the full treatment duration, even if symptoms are no longer noticeable.

A once daily treatment of Lamisil Cream, DermGel and Spray for the entire 7 days is the treatment duration for jock itch. Lamisil also continues to work beyond the end of the treatment period, working effectively against jock itch and reducing the risk of recurring infections with a comparatively short period of use.

Tips for preventing jock itch


Make sure your groin area is clean and dry, especially after showering or sweating.


Avoid sharing towels or personal clothing such as shorts or underwear with others.


Wear clean underwear every day. If you tend to get very sweaty, or are doing exercise, make sure to change your underwear more often.


Avoid wearing tight clothing where possible. Opt for loose-fitting underwear and breathable materials such as cotton, bamboo or other natural materials to help keep you dry.